About us:

            Our ACS chapter is a registered student organization at the University of Central Florida, established in 1981. We cultivate a stimulating and inspiring community for our members to focus on building themselves as professionals through scholarship, networking, outreach, and leadership.


            We provide our members with guest speakers and workshops to enhance their academic experience at UCF, introduce them to chemistry in a professional setting, and provide them with tools to start preparing themselves for life after graduation.

            Creating a network of reputable colleagues and mentors can be key to finding your career path. ACS understands the importance of these relationships and provides its members with the tools they need to start building their own personal network including connecting them with other ACS chapters in Florida and reaching out to professionals in Orlando for networking opportunities.

            One of our club's greatest prides is our commitment to the Orlando community. Our members have the chance to interact with Orlando kids, peers, and professionals and to share our love of all things science. Some of our ongoing community engagement programs include volunteering with the Orlando Science Center, Clean the World, and Second Harvest Food Bank. In addition, throughout the semester we teach science experiments at a local elementary school and host experiments during STEM Day at UCF.


            Our club can't function without the dedication of our members who step up to run for officer positions and chair positions! Each semester, members have the opportunity to plan and lead projects. These are great opportunities to get involved and develop leadership skills!

Why do we do it all?

            What is the incentive for our members to remain active, other than the benefits listed above? ACS uses a point system to quantify its most active members. Points awarded per hour.

  • 1 point: Meeting attendance/wearing shirt to meetings

  • 2 points: Socials events

  • 3 points: Community service

  • 5 points: Chemistry outreach events

By the end of the annual year, our most active members are flown to the National American Chemical Society Conference the following spring- paid flights, hotel stay, and admission into the conference. These members not only reap all of the academic/networking benefits of the conference - they also have the ability write on their resumes that they attended an ACS National Conference as a paid ACS National Member, and presented a poster with their UCF ACS student chapter. It’s a big deal!

  • National Conference 2015: Denver, Colorado

  • National Conference 2016: San Diego, California

  • National Conference 2017: San Francisco, California

Our Current Officers: 
President: Ryan Sapia
Vice-President: Jennifer Lear
Secretary: Megan Tedlie
Treasurer: Patrick Velez
Event Coordinator: Riley Olsen
Outreach Coordinator: Carolina Esteves