Officer Meeting 10-8-18

Maker Faire:

Brandon needs to put events on the calendar. Ji and Alex are going to Maker Faire, and should announce their shifts at the next meeting so people can carpool.

Slides and Interest Forms:

For slides, put the day of the week on them. Elli has the official interest forms. Let Elli know when you are going to need one before the meeting and they'll give you one to fill out. You can also print them out yourself on the acsucf@gmail google drive.


Carl contacted Dr. Rex and he said he could find people if needed. Carl should ask them if they have all of the supplies. Put shift times on the slide. Will be given an interest form, write the shifts at the top and let people choose which shift they can work.

Chapter Reports:

We got back chapter report. We received outstanding! Must put officer and member meetings as individual events with meeting minutes as the description. Back track these events from Fall.


We like the red color. "Knights of the periodic table." Marie can look at it and try to work on it through photoshop. Josh will send the jpeg to Kadasia and Marie to look at it. Marie can find where we can order t-Shirts. She has already started looking but it depends on the design of the t-shirt before the decision can be made.


Kadasia is in charge of it. Come up with a way to improve the system. Make a slide about tutoring. People can sign up on the website to be a tutor. We need tutors and tutees and its 20$ per hour. The tutors will get paid 10$ per hour.

Title Buttons:

American Chemical Society at UCF on pin. Have Officer/Board position title. Blue background with engraved being ACS yellow. Marie can look into places to order these.

Define Role of Outreach and Events:

Outreach is anything can occur outside the university. Events chair should be more focused on things for the members such as socials, events, and guest speakers in the future. Will leave the descriptions as are for this year, but for electing future officers we will be more clear.


Anyone can send an email to Natnael with events they want advertised. Also email any ideas for marketing. SGA can help pay for marketing materials (I.e. new cups). But you have to put the SGA logo on it. Marie will look into the SGA funding.