Officer Meeting 10-15-18

Officer Duties

Tasks should be accomplished before the deadline. Make sure you are adding tasks to the agenda and checking the agenda regularly.


STEM Day chair needs to assign the schedule for shifts, including a head for dry ice and slime, and at least two people per shift. Try to get as many people to sign up as possible, since STEM Day is a little over a week away.


Elli needs to update the officer picture on the website. We also want to change the website so that tutoring is $20 per hour regardless of subject, and possibly set it up so that it emails the tutoring chair. We also need to fix the tutor sign-up form to have chunks of time instead of specific time slots, and edit the list of courses that we can tutor.

T-Shirt Design

We voted on the shirt design, with 5 votes for Knights who say Ni, and 6 votes for Knights of Periodic Table. Knights of the Periodic Table won, although it may be more expensive due to all that colors. Marie needs to get a quote for the T-shirts, and gather interest for members who want to buy the shirts.

Pizza Social

If we do this again in the future, we should try to have more socializing and mingling. Some way for each individual to be able to chat with at least one officer/chair would be optimal.