Meeting Minutes 11-13-18


We are looking for tutors who are willing to tutor Chemistry, Biology, Physics, or Math. The price is $20 per hour to be tutored, with $10 per hour going to the tutor and the other $10 going to the club.

Upcoming Events

Volunteering at Journey's End - November 17th, carpooling at 8:45am in front of PSB

End of the Semester Potluck - Sign up for a dish:


If you are not already a member of National ACS, and you want to become one, contact for a sign-up link. When you sign up, you’ll get:

- An element anniversary mugs after every year of membership!

- The ability to add “National ACS Member” to your resume

- Access to ACS publications

- You’re automatically qualified to go to the National Conference in Orlando!

- A cool periodic table blanket

Next Week’s Meeting

Next Week, we will be doing an electroplating experiment to show how electricity can be used to move molecules of earth metals around!