Officer Meeting 5-16-18

Activity Ideas
We created plans for the next 3 meetings, and made some ideas for potential activities for the future.
Potential ideas included chemistry hangman, chemistry movie night, chemistry taboo, penny color change experiment, electroplating experiment, color changing fire demonstration, chemistry kahoot, chemistry jeopardy, ice cream/marshmallow making with liquid nitrogen, glassware trivia, periodic table game, water purification experiment, phosphorescence or fluorescence demonstration, modern advances in chemistry lecture, history of chemistry lecture, chemistry topics videos, ice breaker games, and a vitamin C titration experiment
For the upcoming meetings, we will be doing chemistry hangman on May 23rd, chemistry movie night on May 30th, and chemistry taboo on June 6th.

Ice Cream Social
Ji has the poster almost fully made, but needs pictures from the vice-president’s Google Drive.    We have tentatively signed up for 11:00 am - 1:00 pm on May 22, 24, and 30

We need to get a new officer picture for the home page, as well as professional bios and headshots for the officer page.
The meeting minutes page is live, and members can now view meeting minutes on the website, as well as having it delivered through email.

Josh and Lori need to fill out the proper RSO forms for submission, and need to get all of us registered to take the required RSO course through Webcourses.

Lab Coats
Lab coats sales have already started turning a profit for goggles, and the labcoats will be arriving today.  Marie needs help delivering lab coats next week, so if you are available please sign up to help!

Member Recruitment
Lori needs people to give presentations at the summer classes, in order to draw in more interest in our club from the general student population