Officer Meeting 5-30-18

Summer Collaboration
The person who is running Octet, Biotech, Physicos for UCF this year is still trying to figure out some of the the details for lunches. Ji will keep in touch with him, and let us know when we have a concrete plan for volunteers!

Library partnership
Ji is going to get in touch with the Orange County Library System, to see if they have any events that they might want chemistry volunteers.

Josh is working to update the RSO forms with UCF, and has also given the officer contact information to Dr. Kuebler so that he can get in touch with us if he needs to.

The ACS website still needs updated bios and headshots for Marie, Ji, and Brandon.  
Social media accounts have now been connected to the website, so we can use it as a portal to filter information through.  Pictures that are posted to our Instagram can be easily ported to a gallery on the website, and meeting minutes that are posted to the website can send out notifications on Facebook and via email.