Officer Meeting 7-18-18

Officer Form
Josh is filling out the officer registration form for the 2018-2019 school year, and will be grabbing signatures for it next week.  Marie, Ji, and Lori need to complete the officer course ASAP, and send Josh their scores when they are done.  The link to the course can be found on Knight Connect

We will start tabling on next Friday, to catch the last waves of freshman orientation.  We will also be tabling at Opening Knight, the Sunday before classes start.

Fall Events
Ji and Brandon are working on setting up some events for the fall semester.  We'd like to have about 2 events (other than Bonding with Bithlo and UHS Tutoring) every month.  Currently, Brandon has been reaching out to SERVE, and Ji has emailed the local library.

We will call for chair applications during the first 2-3 meetings of the fall semester, to help delegate tasks such as marketing, tutoring, Bonding with Bithlo, and UHS Tutoring.

Prep for Fall
In the first weeks of fall, we will be doing our usual lab coat sales, spearheaded by Marie.  We will also be selling tie-dye lab coats, and visiting gen chem, orgo, and analytic chem classes to drum up interest in the club.