Officer Meeting 9-10-18

Conference Funding
Talked to Dr. Kuebler, and decided that a hotel wasn't worth it. Also decided that we could allocate about $100 for each person for transportation costs.  This may or ay not be feasible due to troubles with carpooling and out-of-pocket initial costs.  We could also use the shuttles to the Hospitality Hotel to reduce price.  Currently, we are planning on taking 15 people

T-Shirt Sales
We like the Become Radical design for t-shirts this year.  We could post T-shirts on the acsatucf website, as well as member dues, to raise funds.

Maker Faire
Brandon needs to make a slide about volunteering for the Maker Faire, as people need to have background checks and training.

Class Advertisements
We need to advertise to all of the gen chem classes so that they know about ACS.  Try to go 5-10 min early and ask the professor if it is okay

Meeting Activity
On the week after next, we will do chemistry Kahoot, with first, second, and third place prizes.  We can use the tank tops and cups as prizes.

Program in a Box
October 23rd.  Lori will register us for that, so we can participate in National Chemistry Week.

AromaTech is avalible in the Spring, and Ji is working on scheduling a speaker for November 13.  Coca-Cola could be scheduled for October 23.