Officer Meeting 9-17-18

Chair Positions

Need to designate a time to meet with and interview the prospective chairs. We will interview chairs after next week's meeting, so prospective chairs will be emailed. If a chair cannot make that time, they will be emailed for prospective meeting times

Marketing Calendar

We need to finish marketing to the gen. chem classes, so don't forget to fill out the marketing calendar with your avalibility

Shirt Design

Need to design a new shirt for this year, Brandon has sent a tentative design that needs to be refined

Member Awareness

Make sure to put upcoming events on the calendar, and take pictures at events that we cause on social media and the website.


Krystal on October 16th, Dr Byrne on November 13, Dr. Xia on October 2

Pizza Social

Potentially use a pizza social to draw in new recruits for the club. Since we may have extra funds this year, this may be a good time to do it. 5pm on Tuesday seems to be the best time, and October 9th is the best day. We can run a chemistry Kahoot with prizes, to add engagement.