Officer Meeting 1-18-19

Pizza Social

We will host a pizza social for all the chemistry majors on January 30th, at 5pm in PSB 160. Natnael and Lori will print and post flyers around PSB and the Chemistry Building. Josh will email Miriam and ask if she can forward the invitation to all the undergrads in the department.


We will schedule talks with the general chemistry, inorganic, analytical, and physical chemistry classes. Natnael has printed out flyers, which are on the lab coat cart. He is also going to send emails to the professors to confirm that we can speak.

Member Attendance

Elli has added the member attendance to the ACSatUCF website, so that taking attendance at meetings is easier. It is password protected, so members cannot just sign in from home.

Dr. Dare's Lab

Dr. Dare is focusing on chemistry this month, so it is a perfect time for us to start volunteering. Sam will discuss availability and pick a schedule for volunteering by our next meeting.


Ji has talked to Aromatech, Eve is available on Feb 20th. Ji will also be hosting the Cabbage pH experiment in March.


Now that lab coat sales are done, Marie is going to focus on other fundraising opportunities. We want to build a nest egg for future years, and develop more consistent fundraisers that can be maintained in the future.