Officer Meeting 1-25-19


Flyers will be printed by Natnael and Lori as soon as possible, but the printer is out and needs to be fixed. Natnael emailed everyone the schedule for advertising to classes, so all the officers should fill it out as soon as possible. When going to advertise, officers should take the small flyers and hand them out to students who indicate an interest. Officers should also put ACS information on the board so students can take pictures. The flyers currently say that they are for the fall meetings instead of spring; they are fine to use but Lori is changing them for future prints.


Ji is still trying to schedule Eve from Aromatech; she will try Feb 27 and Feb 20 as possible dates, and then schedule her experiment on the other date. Ji is also going to email Thoron to come in as a speaker, aiming for later months like late March or early April.

Ji is still trying to get a specific time for Dr Dare's lab, and is ready to start Bonding with Bithlo soon.

Information Distribution

Elli should make the officer meeting minutes more specific and include specific task items. Elli is also going to flesh out the information on the meeting minutes; they will add all the information that is on the slides. In next week's meeting minutes, Elli should attach the conclave flyer before sending it to the members.


Elli will email Sam Long for the National Conference, and make up absence letters for people who have said yes.

Pizza Social

Ji is attempting to print button templates, and will send Lori and Natnael the file. The button machine for will be left in the ACS room before the pizza social, so someone will need to pick it up. We will start with team jeopardy, to get people talking and socializing, before pulling out the button maker.

Program in a Box

Lori has registered the club for this year's Program In A box on February 26, but will not be here to run it, so someone else will need to take charge.


Brandon is trying to plan bowling for March 22 or 25. He also wants to set up a mini golf social towards the end of the year (April), and set up Stake and Shake social. Josh suggested that Brandon find more volunteering socials by next officer meeting, such as Clean the World. Brandon also sent in the form to request a power plant tour.


The STEM Day slide should include the setup and take down times, as well as the shift times When selecting shift leads, they should be volunteers that are there the whole time or that can pick up and learn from a previous shift lead. At the next meeting, Carl should have a sign up sheet with shift times.