Officer Meeting 2-1-19

National Conference

We have 13 people who are definitely going, 1 person who is not going, and 1 who has not responded. Marie will look into the funding, as we need people to be registered at least 10 days before the conference. We will hold the information meeting on February 20th, from 5:00pm-6:00pm before the meeting.

ACS Pizza Social

The social went well, lots of people indicated interest in coming back. Everyone seemed more engaged this time, so hopefully we will gain more members this time.

Chemistry Seminar

Next Friday, the 8th, the chemistry department is hosting a seminar from 10:00am - 11:00am. Afterwards there will be recruiting from University of Alabama. Lori will reserve PSB 160 and make a slide, Marie will buy a box of coffee and Lori will make muffins.

Dues and Attendance

Elli should share attendance for the spring with Lori.

Marie should update the dues list; we may need a new system for dues to insure that no one gets missed.

Event Planning

Brandon has planned for volunteering with Walk MS. Brandon will write down all the volunteer tasks and have people indicate what tasks they want on the interest form when he distributes it.


Natnael should make flyers for the Aromatech speaker, so that we have a greater turn out.