Officer Meeting 2-15-19

ACS Conference

We were not able to purchase parking passes for the conference, so attendees that plan on driving will need to pay for their own parking. We can budget about $250 per person for transportation costs. We will link the ACS account to Venmo, so that once attendee's let us know their planned schedule we can provide them transportation funds.

We will also ask the attendees to help with the UCF Chemistry Department's Open House from 1:40pm - 5:00pm on Sunday. Some PIs are instructing their students to sign up through us to volunteer for the Open House, so we will need to coordinate them as well, and potentially arrange carpooling.


Ji is going to talk to Sam about setting up Dr. Dare's lab as a once per month event, instead of biweekly, to open up more weekends for other events. The flyer for Aromatech is all made up; Natnael will print and post it this week.

Everyone who has events should add points for the event to the slides.

Josh is running the Program in a Box since Lori will be out of town. Lori will buy snacks and drinks and put them in the ACS room ahead of time.