Officer Meeting 2-22-19

Earth Day

Brandon will plan event for Earth Week/Earth day toward the end of April. He can plan something for the weekend before finals week (20th or 21st). This could be an experiment or an event that we join. He should come up with ideas by next week. Dr. Heider and Dr. Harper have set up a booth at Lake Eola for earth day before. Reach out to them and see if they have anything planned.


Marie will look at the inventory of T-shirts on after class today and update it online and will send Dr. A and email about a replacement size.

Points on Slides

Remember to update slides to add the amount of points they would earn from attending these events.

Program in a Box

Josh will order pizza and drinks and Lori will send him the link for how to login.


We started the semester at $6,300 and we are now at roughly $9,000 in our account.

Homeless Shelter Volunteering

Brandon has a contact for a new homeless shelter that needs to be painted. March 23rd. Will find out more details on how many people are needed, etc.

Science Night Live

Those goin will carpool to arrive by 6:30pm on March 2nd and stay until 11:30.

Outreach Poster

Marie and Carl will work with Josh next week to make the outreach poster to present for the ACS open house.