Officer Meeting 2-8-19

Dr. Dare's Lab

Dr Dare is having communication issues, so Sam should forward the received emails to Dr. Dare. He should try to get a time so we can announce it at the meeting next week.


Marie needs to double check members are updated promptly, and find an Apple dongle for the square. Elli will donate a square to the club, so we can get the reduced cost of use. Marie will also get the lab coat sales numbers for next week.

National Conference

Elli will send emails to conference attendees, and email Marie a list of names. Feb 20th is the mandatory meeting for the attendees.


Brandon will find more events for empty weekends by next week.

Fish Fortune Telling

The fish are available to Natnael to use for the recruiting booths. We will also hold a mini-experiment with the fish in the meeting before the Gringos Locos social.


We have gotten lots of tutoring requests from high schoolers, and are short a few subjects. If any officers are available to tutor in math or physics, they should let Kadasia know.