Officer Meeting 3-8-19

Open House Volunteering

For those attending the conference, we will have shifts starting at 1:00. Everyone needs to have their conference registration before hand. Josh will send out the shift schedule and meeting location. Lori will be the point of contact at convention center.


The Earth Week event will be on April 20th, from 8am to 5pm. We need 8 volunteers to help run it. A schedule will be sent out later, and Brandon will coordinate volunteers. Brandon should send names of people as they volunteer, so the professor can keep an up-to-date-roster.


In the future, we need to register in advance for tabling. Natnael should look into doing a market Wednesday. He will double check that there is no cost to us, let Josh know as soon as possible, and make a slide for volunteers. Tabling is tentatively scheduled for April 10.


All officers need to make a slide about their officer position for the March 20th meeting. Ji and Brandon should work together to disentangle their positions.