Officer Meeting 3-22-19


Brandon needs to verify the plan for Earth Day; he has contacted Dr Heider and she will give more information about the event when it comes closer. The event will be on Saturday, April 20 and they will need volunteers from 8am to 5pm. Brandon should send photos for Journeys End to lori, and send photos from events to Marie for the poster.


Marie needs receipts for registration, and registration needs to be done ASAP. Marie is going to get the card to do electronic banking before the next officer meeting. She will also order stoles - right now everything is really expensive, but some places do deals for graduation. We were looking to get 20 or so to save for future years.


Natnael is free to do Market Wednesday; he will set up an event for April 10, 9am - 1pm. He will make sure he has volunteers there for the whole time. Josh and Ji are willing to help, but can't be there the whole time. We need to make sure to schedule ahead of time, so we don't get penalized. Natnael will also send the poster template to Josh and Lori.

Continuity Folders

Folders should be completely done by elections, so that we can insure a smooth transition.


We should lay out events in a more consistent fashion on the PowerPoint, with a few bullet points that describe the event, plus that pertinent information. This will make meeting minutes easier to collate, and insure that information is always accurate.


Carl has everything ready, and will double check supplies with Dr Rex. Shift leads have been verified and a trial run went well.


We will have the list for dishes set up, and put it on the PowerPoint a week or two before. We will take a vote at the next member meeting for activities. Josh should print out award certificates for the potluck.