Officer Meeting 3-1-19

Dr Dare's Lab

Some people can't stay the whole time, so shifts are now available. If people need to leave early, we can clarify that it is an option, but we will not offer it as the default.

Record Keeping

Elli should double check the minutes and add an email contact for each event. Marie and Josh were working on the poster and found some deleted slides, so in the future Elli will try not to delete old slides.


Brandon is prepping for Chemists Celebrate Earth week, and will try to have a few activities for that week. He has emailed Dr Hider, and will reach out to her again if he does not hear back. He also has 4 events that we can look into, such as cleaning up the lake, a picnic, etc.

Brandon also contacted the homeless shelter, we can bring as many or as few volunteers as we want on March 23

Brandon should change the MS walk to the science olympiad, to be more in line with our chemistry charter. He should have details by next week.

Everyone should send out email before socials and events. Ji will also post events on groupme.


The flyer for eve's talk was poorly formatted. Natnael can use Canva (a free design program), to make more professional templates. Flyers should be in color, not black and white. Natnael should come up with a template for speakers, so we can just reuse them for each speaker that we have.

On March 26, UCF is doing market on the mall, and anyone can set up booths for $25. We want to have a trifold poster so Ji will make it and then the club will reimburse her.


Carl has all volunteer lists figured out for stem day. He will double check the stock, and schedule a shift lead practice.

Officer Elections

We will start accepting officer nominations on March 20th, and inform all members of nomination on March 27. April 3rd is the last day to accept or decline nominations, and then elections will be held on April 10th. We will hold a new-to-old officer meeting on April 15th.