Officer Meeting 3-29-19

ACS Officer Nominations

President - Ji, Joey

VP - Joey, Elli, Marie, Ji

Secretary - Marie, Joey, Elli

Treasurer - Joey, Jack Lee, Marie, Elli

Outreach - Joey, Carl, Marie

Events - Joey, Daniel Garcia, Jack Lee, Elli, Marie


Natnael should send the template for the speakers to Josh and Lori. He should also bring a signup sheet for tabling to next meeting.


Stoles are variable in price; the cheapest ones seem to be $27 each for 50. ACS graduation cords are $10 for members. Marie is going to get a quote for just embroidery. Just plain fabric stoles are $17-$20.


Ji is going to make a slide for the potluck and put the form for signing up for dishes on it. She will finish the pasteboard by April 10; Josh should order certificates for the ACS potluck.