Officer Meeting 5-1-18

Goals for this Year
Josh: Grow Membership
Elli: Port minutes to the web
Ji: keep members engaged
Lori: Engage chemistry students

Meeting Plans
In order to keep our members engaged, we should have plans for an activity for every meeting. Everyone should figure out 3 or more ideas for meeting activities for this summer, so that we can go over them at our next officer meeting

Ice Cream Socials
Ji and Elli will be running a booth at the ice cream social for incoming freshmen this summmer. This will allow us to grab the interest of new members. We will have color-changing cups to hand out, and a tri-fold poster to showcase our club.

Member Engagement
To insure that our members remain engaged and aware of all of the oppertunities in the club, Lori is going to take/collect pictures from any events that occur, to showcase in the next week's Power Point and on our website.

We discussed several ideas for fundrasing for the club, but the biggest idea was to add the old t-shirts and membership dues to the ACS website, as well as to focus more on tutoring opportunities this year.