ACS offers tutoring in a wide variety of subjects related to chemistry, biology, mathematics, and physics

Tutoring Rates

2000 level course = $15/hr

3000 level course = $20/hr

4000 level course = $25/hr

Available Subjects:

General Chemistry
Chemistry for Engineers
Chemistry Fundamentals IA
Chemistry Fundamentals IB
Chemistry Fundamentals I
Chemistry Fundamentals II
Organic Chemistry I
Organic Chemistry II
Biochemistry I
Physical Chemistry I
Physical Chemistry II
Analytical Chemistry
Advanced Analytical Chemistry
Inorganic Chemistry

Physics with Calculus I
Physics with Calculus II
College Physics I
College Physics II

Biology I
Biology II
General Microbiology

Intermediate Algebra
College Algebra
College Trigonometry
College Pre-Calculus
Calculus with Analytical Geometry I
Calculus with Analytical Geometry II
Calculus with Analytical Geometry III
Matrix and Linear Algebra