2017- 2018 E-Board

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Joshua Kreisel


Josh is currently working on earning his B.S in biochemistry. Upon graduation he plans do a post-bachelors at the NIH before attending grad school to pursue a PhD. From there, he would like to work for the CDC or a biotech company. He has a strong interest in natural product discovery and the use of those products in the development of novel treatments and cures for diseases. In his free time, he enjoys playing video games and reading books. 




Kaitlin Turner

Kaitlin is a senior chemistry major, and she strives to use her chemistry knowledge to better the world around her. As treasurer of ACS at UCF, Kaitlin plans to hold fun and successful fundraisers to get ACS at UCF that much closer to the ACS National Meeting & Exposition in New Orleans this spring. She enjoys traveling, trying new flavors, and being active outdoors.



Events Coordinator:


Jordyn White

Jordyn is a junior chemistry major and mathematics minor.  As the ASC events coordinator, she plans to give members the opportunity to reach out and volunteer within the community.  She enjoys traveling, and hopes to one day study and work as a chemist abroad. After she graduates from UCF, she plans on transitioning into engineering to eventually work within the aerospace or automobile industry.  



Faculty Mentor: Dr. Stephen Kuebler

Dr. Stephen M. Kuebler received the D.Phil. degree in chemistry from the University of Oxford and the B.S. degree in chemistry and B.A. in German from Tulane University. Dr. Kuebler joined the faculties of CREOL and the Department of Chemistry in August 2003 and was promoted to Associate Professor with tenure in May 2008. His research interests include materials and processes for 3D nano- and microfabrication, use of these techniques for creating nanophotonic structures and devices, nonlinear optical materials and photochemistry.

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Vice President: Riley Olsen

Riley is pursuing a B.S. in chemistry here at UCF. With her degree in chemistry she plans to work in the brewing industry. Riley is currently doing research on the self assembly of nanoparticles with Dr. Chen. In addition to being an active member of ACS, Riley is a member of Delta Zeta sorority at UCF.





Elli Howard

Elli is a sophomore studying Computer Science and Biology.  Their passions are learning and outer space, and they hope to some day work with robotic systems to increase plant growth and production in zero-gravity.  After college, they hope to get a graduates degree in Bioinformatics, and then go to work in the space industry. When they are not studying or working with the UCF programming team, Elli can  often be found kayaking, going on hikes, playing videogames, and designing phone apps.


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Outreach Coordinator:


Shane Thomas

Shane is a senior studying chemistry at the University of Central Florida. He has a drive to show what the academic and industrial world of chemistry looks like to students as Outreach Coordinator. He is currently working on his own project synthesizing carbon quantum dots and testing their optical properties- particularly the two-photon absorption in Dr. Hernandez's Optics, Materials, and Education Lab (HOME). He also works as a student leader for a college Christian ministry at UCF called, Life to Life Ministry- conducting and leading bible studies, one-on-one discipleship, fellowship, and evangelism around student-housing. If he has any free time, he usually likes to go to the local rock climbing gym to get in a quick climbing session.