2019- 2020 E-Board



Ji Chang

Ji is a junior studying Health Sciences at UCF. She is currently doing research in radiochemistry. After college, she has hopes of one day having a pharmaceutical career and do research on different medications. In her free time, Ji enjoys traveling, baking, playing video games, and going out to explore new places. She looks forward to making ACS a memorable experience.




Jack Lee

Jack is currently studying for a major in chemistry and biology, as well as a potential minor in nanoscience. Once he graduates, he is interested in pursuing medical school for either anesthesia or radiology. Jack currently works as a medical scribe through AdventHealth, and in his free time he enjoys finding new cooking recipes.



Events Coordinator:

Joey Deloretto

Joey is a Junior at UCF currently pursuing a B.S. in Kinesiology and a minor in Chemistry. He is still narrowing down possible career paths upon graduation but is interested in primarily Medical or Physical Therapy school and being able to work with people in a health-related setting. He is currently finishing his work doing research for the Uribe-Romo lab synthesizing light harvesting organic linkers for Metal Organic Frameworks (MOFs) and is set up to start research within the Kinesiology department in the fall. Outside of class and research, Joey enjoys powerlifting competitively, cooking, playing basketball, and going to Taco Bell any chance he can get.



Faculty Mentor: Dr. Stephen Kuebler

Dr. Stephen M. Kuebler received the D.Phil. degree in chemistry from the University of Oxford and the B.S. degree in chemistry and B.A. in German from Tulane University. Dr. Kuebler joined the faculties of CREOL and the Department of Chemistry in August 2003 and was promoted to Associate Professor with tenure in May 2008. His research interests include materials and processes for 3D nano- and microfabrication, use of these techniques for creating nanophotonic structures and devices, nonlinear optical materials and photochemistry.


Vice President:

Elli Howard

Elli is a junior studying Computer Science and Biology. Their passions are learning and outer space, and they hope to someday work with robotic systems to grow hydroponics without human intervention. After college, they hope to get a graduate degree in Agriculture and Biosytems Engineering, and then go to work in the hydroponics industry. When they are not studying or working with the UCF Techrangers, Elli can often be found kayaking, going on hikes, playing videogames, and designing phone apps.



Secretary: Samantha LoPilato

Samantha is her third year at UCF, double majoring in chemistry and secondary education. She is also a sister of Alpha Sigma Kappa – Women in Technical Studies. In the future, she hopes to become a teacher and start afterschool programs for STEM students particularly targeting underrepresented groups, such as women, children below the poverty line, people of color, and members of the LGBTQIA+ community. Outside of academics, Sam reads lots of books, eats too much sushi, spends a lot of time at Disney World, and plays the flute, saxophone and bassoon.



Outreach Coordinator:

Daniel Garcia

Daniel is in his fourth year of studying to earn a BS in environmental engineering. Daniel is interested in working in water or air pollution control, and after graduation he wants to work full-time as an environmental engineer. In his free time, he prefer to play video games or watch TV.