2018- 2019 E-Board

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Joshua Kreisel

Josh is currently working on earning his B.S in biochemistry. Upon graduation he plans do a post-bachelors at the NIH before attending grad school to pursue a PhD. From there, he would like to work for the CDC or a biotech company. He has a strong interest in natural product discovery and the use of those products in the development of novel treatments and cures for diseases. In his free time, he enjoys playing video games and reading books.




Marie Davy

Marie is currently pursuing a B.S. in chemistry and a minor in French. She has an interest in chemical synthesis and spectroscopy. After graduation, she would like to engage in research around the world. She hopes that one day her work will allow her to advocate for the importance of the sciences to overcome political and global boundaries. During her spare time, she enjoys comics, video games, and cooking.



Events Coordinator:

Brandon Comiter

Brandon is currently pursuing a B.S. in Biomedical Sciences. Upon graduation, he plans to pursue medical school. Additionally, His academic interests are varied, stretching from medicine to chemistry, and even some programming. His hobbies include learning new skills and video games. He hopes to provide an impactful semester for ACS members.



Faculty Mentor: Dr. Stephen Kuebler

Dr. Stephen M. Kuebler received the D.Phil. degree in chemistry from the University of Oxford and the B.S. degree in chemistry and B.A. in German from Tulane University. Dr. Kuebler joined the faculties of CREOL and the Department of Chemistry in August 2003 and was promoted to Associate Professor with tenure in May 2008. His research interests include materials and processes for 3D nano- and microfabrication, use of these techniques for creating nanophotonic structures and devices, nonlinear optical materials and photochemistry.


Vice President: Lori Shultz

Lori is a senior pursuing a degree in chemistry and minor in mathematics. When she graduates, she plans to attend graduate school in order to further study environmental chemistry or hydrogeology. Once finished, she would like to work in the waste water management and sanitation field in developing countries. Currently, she works in Dr. Jurca’s laboratory synthesizing catalysts in a green manner and testing them for water remediation. In her free time, Lorianne enjoys hiking, camping, swimming, and spending time with her family.




Elli Howard

Elli is a junior studying Computer Science and Biology. Their passions are learning and outer space, and they hope to someday work with robotic systems to grow hydroponics without human intervention. After college, they hope to get a graduate degree in Agriculture and Biosytems Engineering, and then go to work in the hydroponics industry. When they are not studying or working with the UCF Techrangers, Elli can often be found kayaking, going on hikes, playing videogames, and designing phone apps.



Outreach Coordinator:

Ji Chang

Ji is a sophmore studying Health Sciences at the University of Central Florida. After UCF, she has the hopes of one day joining the pharmaceutical career field and research on different medications. Ji enjoys traveling, baking, and going out to experience new things; you'll usually find her in a computer lab researching different topics.